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Kids (BEGINNERS) White and Yellow Belts Ages 5-12
We have all been there, where we wished our children would concentrate more, focus more and overall, just listen. Sometimes children just have too much energy and no where to direct that energy. With our program, we incorporate those aspects with energetic martial arts combined exercise and games. We will help teach respect, cooperation, listening skills and important safety lessons that are essential to every childs well being. Kids martial arts classes are taught in a fun, safe atmosphere with an emphasis on when it is appropriate to use there martial arts skills and when it is not. We will help children learn life skills with respect and treat people the way they would like to be treated.

Kids (ADVANCED) Orange Belts and up Ages 5 to 12

With our program we help youth navigate the busy life that they must have during the teen years. We help boost self-confidence, energy and unleash their inner potential.  By building a foundation for them, we help them become successful adults, both in their personal and work life. Our Youth classes are filled with excitement yet focused on building a sense of accomplishment. When youth feel empowered and confident, they extrude a energy that is achieved by their success. Our school is a place where they can achieve that  confidence without being ridiculed for their mistakes. With on-going training we can instill the values of Courtesy, honesty, perseverance, integrity and indomitable spirit that are the foundation of karate and martial arts.


Karate class is a great way to incorporate cardio, strength training and over all body conditioning. Karate in general also teaches you how to defend yourself and your loved ones. In other words, karate training is a workout with a purpose. Kontact Martial Arts Academy combines a blend of traditional Okinawan Shotokan and Kempo Karate with all other forms of Martial Arts. Including elements taken from Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Kick boxing, and self-defense, and integrated them into a program that can be used in real life.  

You will learn how to escape a variety of attacks, including chokes, grabs, bear hugs, pushes, and headlocks. You will learn how to use speed and focus to generate the maximum amount of power in your kicks and punches, thus incapacitating your opponent after you escape an attack. We believe in real life training which is why sparring is a key element of our dojo.

‚ÄčThe physical benefits are just the beginning. With our program, you will realize your mental skills and become more focused both in your work and personal life. Feeling better mentally and physical helps achieve greater success in your overall daily life. Our program is not just Karate it is also a fitness package, allowing you to combine strength, stress relief and stamina. Work out with a purpose.  Take control of your mind and your body. Walk the path of becoming a black belt!!! Courtesy, Integrity, Perserverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit!!!!

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